About Mitch

I am 100% committed to capturing video and photography images in a way that accurately reflects what the client wants.

Mitch McCoy, Photographer/Video Producer
Mitch McCoy Video & Photography

Located in Woodside, California on the San Francisco Peninsula, I’ve been working with individuals and the corporate world for the past two decades. I’m absolutely passionate about both photography and video work. They’re both so expressive and creative.

Over the years, I’ve worked with families, couples, and individuals shooting everything from weddings, surprise engagements, portraits, special events, family gatherings, toddlers, dance & cheer teams, pets, and so on. It’s so much fun!

A large part of my work has also been with businesses and corporations. On the photography side, the work includes shooting corporate events, trade shows, health centers, executive headshots, environment shots, product shots, POVs, and corporate customers.

In the video production world, the projects I’ve worked on include product demos, company promotions, animated graphics, customer testimonials and interviews, employee and key executive interviews, and more.

And many times if I’m not behind the camera or directing, I conduct on-camera interviews with key executives and corporate clients.

My corporate client list includes companies such as HP, Avaya, Cisco, Nike, MeetingElite, VIDMOIR, consumer products, tech startups, and more.

With photography, I can shoot in a studio environment or on-site. Whatever meets your needs.

For video, if we’re doing an interview our typical setup uses two cameras, prime lenses, high-end audio recording (shotgun mic and a lav mic), and lighting that presents our interview subjects looking their best. Then we edit and mix your video interview with vocals, audio, music, sound effects, still images, or animated graphics as needed. The goal—create an inspiring, engaging, and impassioned telling of your message.

A Little Side Story:
Photography has been a passion of mine for several decades, but I find myself more passionate about this work than at any other time in my life. In 2021, I thru-hiked solo on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This is a backpacking trek that goes from the border of Mexico in California through the Oregon mountains ending at the border of Canada in the state of Washington.

The trail is 2,653 miles of agonizing pain, stunning beauty, extreme weather, and incredible rewards. On this trail, a thru-hiker goes through desert trails including the Mojave, the snow-covered wilderness and mountain passes of the High Sierras, and on through the magnificent cascade peaks and valleys of Oregon and Washington. Only 8% of backpackers in my age category complete the trail and I have so much gratitude for my body allowing me to finish. This PCT journey required perseverance, mental fortitude, and physical endurance that I originally thought went well beyond my capabilities. Over the five months and 5 days that it took to complete, I went through a renaissance of sorts. I realized more than ever how much I truly love photography and telling stories using video. So now that I’m through sleeping on the ground out in the wild, I’m reveling in the art of photography and video production more than ever!

I look forward to working with you.

Where we’re based:

Woodside, CA 94062