Studio & Natural Light Sessions Combined

Headshots and Portraits—Mitch McCoy Photography

During photo sessions, and depending on the client’s needs, we can combine a studio session with an outdoor natural lighting session. Typically, we’ll shoot executive headshots in the studio and then move outdoors for a portrait session. This allows the client to capture some more formal shots for business purposes and still get more relaxed comfortable shots for a personable look.

Shirt and Tie—Mitch McCoy Photography
Jacket Off Gives Another Usable Look While In The Studio

That said, studio time can also be a great time to add in some more stylish and casual shots like this one below. All black, fading into the background gives it the more artsy, fun look. Just a few lighting changes and voila! It’s great to take advantage of studio time and create different looks.

Casual Studio Session—Mitch McCoy Photography
More Casual Studio Work

Then we step outside of the studio and grab some handsome, natural lighting shots. Living in Northern California affords us the ability to be surrounded by beautiful settings all around us. Parks, schools, public spaces. Leveraging Mother Nature on a gorgeous day is always a smart way to get amazing shots.

Natural Light Portraits—Mitch McCoy Photography
Natural Light Portraits




Natural Light & Natural Smile

Natural Light with Depth of Field Portraits—Mitch McCoy Photography

A Beautiful Day. A Beautiful Subject. And Beautiful Memories.

Recently I had the privilege of doing another exceptional portrait session with a young woman who was an absolute pleasure to work with. Towards the end of the session, we included her mother to get some terrific mother/daughter shots as well.

Mother & Daughter—Mitch McCoy Photography
Mother & Daughter

So much fun! The day was beautiful, the light was perfect, and the portrait photographs we captured turned out to be absolutely wonderful.

To me, the most important element in portrait photography is capturing the subject’s personality. The key to accomplishing that is ensuring that you, the subject, are comfortable in the moment. That means, create a session that is fun, pleasant, and truly enjoyable. And we did.

Natural Light Portrait with Bokeh—Mitch McCoy Photography
Natural Light Portrait with a beautifully blurred background.

Having wonderful photo sessions with clients is one of the main reasons I love photography so much. My goal is to capture great images by creating a fun, comfortable, and even funny portrait session.  And that means I always have a lot of fun doing my job—creating beautiful or telling photographs.

Beautifully blurred bokeh and light—Mitch McCoy Photography
Beautifully blurred bokeh and light

I really do feel lucky to have so many great clients that are just a pleasure to work with. Here is a big thank you and shout out to this mother/daughter team. Thanks for helping me to create another great portrait session with some amazing photographs that everyone can cherish for years to come.

Photo Sessions and Backrops

Natural light on stone walls—Mitch McCoy Photography

As a photographer, we love to find great settings for our clients and their models. Sometimes a simple wall can make a wonderful backdrop. The texture, color, and reflected light can be a wonderful compliment to a beautiful subject as was the case with this shoot. In this session, we had a terrific time finding great walls as backgrounds.

Stone Wall Background Composite—Mitch McCoy Photography
Stone Wall Background Composite

The lighting and wall texture was different at each nearby location and gave us a greatly diverse set of photographs.

Stone Wall Backgrounds—Mitch McCoy Photography
We had fun looking for nearby walls with wonderful textures—great as backdrops—and the portrait subject was beautiful, adorable and just a pleasure to work with

This client was such a pleasure to work with and the session was a wonderful adventure that resulted in many beautiful images. Additionally, we’ll be working with this model again in the near future so keep an eye out for new photos as we update our photo blog.

Stone Wall Background Close Up—Mitch McCoy Photography
A simple, beautiful portrait and a fun photography session