Studio & Natural Light Sessions Combined

During photo sessions, and depending on the client’s needs, we can combine a studio session with an outdoor natural lighting session. Typically, we’ll shoot executive headshots in the studio and then move outdoors for a portrait session. This allows the client to capture some more formal shots for business purposes and still get more relaxed comfortable shots for a personable look.

Shirt and Tie—Mitch McCoy Photography
Jacket Off Gives Another Usable Look While In The Studio

That said, studio time can also be a great time to add in some more stylish and casual shots like this one below. All black, fading into the background gives it the more artsy, fun look. Just a few lighting changes and voila! It’s great to take advantage of studio time and create different looks.

Casual Studio Session—Mitch McCoy Photography
More Casual Studio Work

Then we step outside of the studio and grab some handsome, natural lighting shots. Living in Northern California affords us the ability to be surrounded by beautiful settings all around us. Parks, schools, public spaces. Leveraging Mother Nature on a gorgeous day is always a smart way to get amazing shots.

Natural Light Portraits—Mitch McCoy Photography
Natural Light Portraits